New Daniel Series

Christmas Story Series!

New “Civil War Series”

New Broadcast Dates & Times

We are honored to announce that the Lord has expanded our programming on WBRP 92.5 FM in Wisconsin Rapids from weekend broadcasts only, to a Monday-Friday, at two timeslots.  Beginning Monday, April 25th, Day By Day Radio will now be broadcasting Monday through Friday at both 10:30 AM and 10:30 PM.

We will continue airing our […]

New Sermon Series! Book of Galatians

We’ve added a new Sermon Series to our audio library. The Book of Galatians is a rich testimony book from the Apostle Paul. Having shared his conversion, growth and revelations he quickly found himself knee deep in the false teachings of the Judaizers; something we still deal with today.

Imagine you’ve just given a friend a […]

Searching For Answers?

Book of Acts – New Sermon Series!

New Video & Audio Series on Sundays

New Series — Check it out!

“The greatest weapon against error is truth; the greatest conqueror of darkness is light.” —Pastor Phil

In a world that continues to try to blur the lines between what is right, and what is wrong, we must turn to God’s Word to be our anchor; our plumline and standard.

Check out these two audio sermon series that […]

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The following series was just added to our archives.